Why this website?

Why this website?


If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of what intentional communities are and what they’re all about, please check out my videos, photos, and writings.

I want to offer what I’ve learned from 20 years of living in and working for a variety of cooperative groups. My focus has been on intentional community. I also have experience with worker co-ops, community organizing, event production, and movement building.

Content: I’ve generated a body of visual and written content I want to make available to those interested in a deep exploration of intentional communities and cooperative groups.

Services: I have experience with numerous cooperatives, collectives, and communities engaged in a wide variety of community and movement building activities. I’ve worked as an organizer, planner, administrator, manager, networker, promoter, and producer. I’m available as a consultant and presenter, and I can direct people to a variety of resources.


If you’re interested in consultation, resources, interviews, workshops, or presentations, read more about what services I can offer. Find out more about me and how I approach my work.