Consulting & Coaching

If you’re a forming or established cooperative group looking for support in making plans, reaching goals, addressing issues, designing events, developing your organizational structure and culture, or are simply interested in a deep exploration of who you are and what you’re doing as a group, I may be able to help.


If you’re a group looking for a consultant in any of a number of areas, I can refer you to experienced organizers, professionals, facilitators, trainers, and more who have dedicated their lives to living and working in cooperative groups.


I’ve presented on a wide range of specific topics related to cooperative groups. I can also present on intentional communities, looking at case studies or themes and patterns across the movement. I have presented at events as well as online.


As a subject matter expert on intentional communities and cooperative groups I can give interviews to journalists and academics exploring this world.

Here are a few podcast interviews:

Here is a selection of articles that I contributed to as an interviewee and by providing additional contacts and resources to the journalist: