Why this website?

I believe we each have a responsibility to help make the world a better place. Intentional community is the way I’ve chosen to do this. I want to offer what I’ve learned from 20+ in the movement.

I’ve lived in a variety of communities and visited over 130, and have done extensive movement building work with a number of organizations. I also have experience with worker co-ops community businesses, nonprofit management, event production, and community organizing.


I take a whole systems approach to help groups uncover and address underlying issues and dynamics, develop shared understanding, and find ways to move forward together. Find out more about my experience and what I can do.


Another world is not only possible, it’s happening. If you’re looking to explore the world of intentional community and gain a deeper understanding of what they are and what they’re all about, please check out my videos, photos, and writings.

My Story

Hi! My name is Sky Blue (they/them pronouns). Yes, that’s my given name. Yes, my parents were hippies. I wasn’t raised in intentional community, but I was raised by communitarians who believed in feminism, environmentalism, and egalitarianism. My parents met at Twin Oaks Community, where I eventually moved and raised my daughter. 

I am gender-fluid/non-binary, socialized-as-male, white, able-bodied, from an educated working-class background, and in my early 40’s. I am on a life-long journey of learning how to recognize my privilege and practice anti-oppression in my life. 

Over the last 20+ years, I’ve lived in a variety of different intentional communities and been a networker and movement builder with a number of organizations. I also spent 4 years doing urban community building, focusing on small cooperative businesses and community organizing.

Personally, for me intentional community is about living fully into every aspect of life. I’ve been a business manager, event organizer, fundraiser, mediator, group process facilitator, cooperative governance and policy developer, plumber, tofu maker, DJ, musician, gardener, parent, and one of my favorite jobs ever was doing the weekly dump and recycle runs when I lived at Twin Oaks. Personal growth has also been a core aspect of my life, including a 20 year meditation practice, and I believe it to be a necessary part of effectively participating in social transformation.

On a larger level, I believe intentional communities are idealistic responses to a critical analysis of society. We live in a time of massive disruption, where the confluence of individual and collective trauma, inequality and injustice, authoritarianism, political and social division, mass-misinformation, the consolidation of wealth, and climate change are creating an overwhelming set of challenges. Intentional communities are places where we can experiment with models that disrupt patterns of harm and foster patterns of wellness. They are places where we can heal trauma, transform  our relationships to ourselves, to people and place, to humanity, and to nature, so that we make different choices, individually and collectively, that can make a difference. They are both big enough and small enough to have an integrated, broad spectrum impact, from people’s individual lives to global society. 

In addition to the other work I do for the movement, I am also part of a group working towards starting a new intentional community. In addition to it being a personal dream of mine, I see the intentional communities movement over the last 80 years as an iterative process and the moment we are living in is calling for something new. Creating an intentional community has always been a near-impossible task, and now more so than ever. Equally so is the task of transforming society, but I am committed to this work. It’s time for us to learn how to do the impossible.